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    Judy Griffin, PhD.

    Forty years of pouring her life's passion

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      Judy harvesting herbs in the garden

      harvesting marigold mint

      AROMAHEALTH TEXAS is your one stop shop for organic aromatherapy, flower essences, natural herbals skin and bath care.

      Dr Judy Griffin is available for personal health and nutritional counseling consultations relating to aromatherapy and also offers natural pet care services, feng shui room sprays, pain products and natural skin care.

      Judy Griffin, Ph.D. is an internationally renowned aroma therapist, author, lecturer, herbalist and creates and produces Petite Fleur Essences. Challenged with Crohn's Disease and unable to be cured with Western medicine, she turned to nature for healing. For 30 years she has shared her knowledge and wisdom. read more.

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